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This Left-Wing Rant Brought to You By…

Mike T. writes in with a very good question:

I live in Austin and occasionally listen to the Air America affiliate

to hear what they are ranting about. I have noticed something

curious. Many of their ads are now sponsored by some federal

government agency such as the FDA. I am wondering if left-leaning

bureaucrats have decided to prop up Air America by directing a lot of

federal government-sponsored ads to their affiliates? AA’s ratings

don’t seem to justify this expenditure of taxpayer money.

Interesting. Any readers want to look into this while I’m gallavanting around CT?
UPDATE: Much thanks to readers Rex P. and Mike M. for e-mailing in with the most likely explanation: These are probably public service announcements — free fillers. As Mike writes, the increasing frequency of these ads is “actually a market confirmation of Air America’s low ratings – no one will pay for commercial time.”


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