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Legendary Leaker to Bureaucrats of Today: Tell Tehran What You Know

Daniel Ellsberg, who leaked the “Pentagon Papers” in the 1970s, is calling on government bureaucrats to assist Tehran in its intelligence-gathering operations, via the press:

Ellsberg, based on unconfirmed reporting by Seymour Hersh and others, believes there is a “hidden crisis,” with government insiders aware of “serious plans for war with Iran” while “congress and the public remain largely in the dark.” […] 
“Simply resigning in silence does not meet moral or political responsibilities of officials rightly ‘appalled’ by the thrust of secret policy. I hope that one or more such persons will make the sober decision — accepting sacrifice of clearance and career, and risk of prison — to disclose comprehensive files that convey, irrefutably, official, secret estimates of costs and prospects and dangers of the military plans being considered.
“What needs disclosure is the full internal controversy, the secret critiques as well as the arguments and claims of advocates of war and nuclear ‘options’ — the Pentagon Papers of the Middle East. …”

The Mullahs are busy people. Nuclear weapons to develop, terrorists to supply, teenage girls to hang… not a lot of time left over for world-class espionage. What a blessing the West has so many useful idiots like Ellsberg. Allah be praised.