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Liberty Under Assault in Michigan

This report from Fox Business Channel’s John Stossel is deeply disquieting.  In short, day-care providers in Michigan (mostly stay-at-home moms running tiny businesses) are receiving unsolicited letters informing them that they are now part of a union — whether they like it or not.  Watch the video, and see if you can avoid becoming incensed:

The term “un-American” is abused in today’s political discourse but seems appropriate here. This outrage is just the latest indignity forced upon the state’s hapless residents. Michigan is run by an unholy alliance of statists and unions. And it’s no coincidence that Michigan’s economic outlook is especially grim, and will likely remain so for quite some time

Hey, isn’t there another major state suffering under the oppressive yolk of “progressive” policies and unchecked union influence?  Oh yeah:


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