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Light Moments With Abortion Inc.

I missed last night’s convention speech by Planned Parenthood’s head honcho Cecile Richards, but the Dallas Morning News suggests that perhaps the one-on-one media contacts are a bit more entertaining:

Planned Parenthood is a target of abortion opponents, but Ms. Richards said much of the group’s efforts are focused on birth control, cancer screening and women’s health issues.
To that end, she arrived for an interview with a condom in a pink wrapper bearing one of 10 reasons to “Protect Yourself from John McCain (in this election).” Planned Parenthood is distributing the anti-McCain condoms during the convention.

Perhaps the Democrats could have ended her remarks with a big “condom drop” from the ceiling. I also missed her attempt to channel her mother’s sass with the suggestion that John McCain favors Kentucky Fried Women:

Richards also paid homage to Gov. [Ann] Richards, saying: “My mother would have said that a woman voting for John would be like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.”

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