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Louis C.K. Out, Wayne Brady In

The Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association has chosen Wayne Brady as its 2012 host:

How clean a comic is Wayne Brady? Clean enough to play the Kennedy Center. Clean enough to host the Miss America pageant. And now, clean enough to host a big Washington media-political gala in the year 2012.

The Radio & Television Correspondents’ Association announced Tuesday that the PG-rated singer/comedian/game-show host will headline its annual gala in June — replacing raunchy comic Louis C.K., who abruptly dropped the gig last month after Greta Van Susteren threatened a boycott.

[. . .]

It’s hard to find reason for outrage in Brady’s work. (Though do let us know if you can!) The improv comic, 39, mostly avoids four-letter words and cutting jokes; now the host of “Let’s Make a Deal,” he’s also an R&B singer who sold out the KenCen’s Concert Hall last week with his tribute to Sam Cooke and Sammy Davis Jr. His wholesome style has been mocked by other comedians: “White people love Wayne Brady,” went the joke on “The Chappelle Show” some years back, “because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.” (Brady later parodied himself on the same show, posing as a drive-by-shooting, drug-pushing pimp to terrorize Dave Chappelle.) Oh wait — here’s something a little naughty!

The Chappelle’s Show clip was a little rougher than described above, including the killing of a police officer. You can watch the clip here (content warning).

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