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Love Letters to Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow is doing well in the ratings, according to this rah-rah account from the New York Times:

Ms. Maddow acknowledges that much of her success can be attributed to the lead-in from “Countdown,” which continues to be MSNBC’s marquee program. For years Mr. Olbermann, a vocal critic of the Bush administration, had pushed the network to install a thematically similar program in the 9 p.m. hour, and in August MSNBC decided to replace “Verdict With Dan Abrams” with Ms. Maddow. While Mr. Abrams on occasion bested Mr. King in the ratings, Ms. Maddow’s wins are coming at a more frequent rate.

In her first six weeks Ms. Maddow on many nights is retaining more than 90 percent of Mr. Olbermann’s audience, a figure that many television executives would envy.

… While Mr. Olbermann watches Mr. O’Reilly’s show on a monitor embedded in his desk, Ms. Maddow insists that she has never watched either Mr. King’s program or the 9 p.m. program on Fox News, “Hannity & Colmes,” which garners more viewers than either of the other shows.

This is the Times’ follow-up to its hard-hitting look at how Maddow and her girlfriend spend leisure time in their 1865 home in rural Massachusetts. Excerpt:

Always on her: A handkerchief. One of my liabilities as a broadcaster is that I am little teary. Having a handkerchief is handy. My partner, Susan Mikula, buys me cute ones.

…  Always in fridge: Champagne. I always keep a bottle, because you might need to celebrate at any moment, and a bunch of mustard, because I am a mustard person.

Olbermann with his embedded monitor, Maddow with her mustard, because she’s “a mustard person.” Strange cats in the media. That second story is illustrated with this image:

The mighty New York Times: All the news that’s fit, &c.


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