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Lynne Stewart Sentencing

UPDATED AND BUMPED: Stewart Gets 28 Months

Michelle Malkin notes the sympathetic press treatment. Here’s what Andy McCarthy had to say about it last year:

In America, we have an ingenious constitutional framework that promotes unprecedented economic and social freedom, not to mention nigh-uninhibited human creativity. It is rightfully the envy of the world. It is the fortress that safeguards all civil rights worthy of the name. And … it is the system that Lynne Stewart, in her hallucinogenic adulation of bloody revolution for the sake of nothing more than revolution (and its attendant idol worship of monsters like Mao and Stalin and Castro and, of course, Abdel Rahman), would supplant. Thus, it’s been impossible to read the fawning pro-Stewart coverage in the New York Times for the past two years and not wonder whether either the newspaper or Lynne understands that if the causes they promote ever actually achieved their ends, the very first thing the new regimes would do is shut down useful idiots like the New York Times and Lynne Stewart.

Rachel Zabarkes Friedman wrote an amazing profile of Stewart for NR back in 2004, available for NRD subscribers.
UPDATE: Stewart gets 28 months in jail. Out of a possible 30 years. For aiding a convicted terrorist. The judge must not read Captain’s Quarters.
UPDATE II: Andy McCarthy just filed his take on NRO this afternoon.