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Maj. Megan McClung, R.I.P.

Via Patterico, milblogger Badger 6 mourns the loss of USMC press officer Megan McClung:

Right now I don’t even know how to feel. MAJ Megan McClung, USMC, Public Affairs Officer for the Ready First Combat Team was killed in downtown Ramadi yesterday.
I met MAJ McClung quite by accident when I first arrived here – we sat next to each other in the Dining Facility one day and happened to start talking. With her job and my interests in writing and telling the story, there was a natural conversation that took place.
Over the last two months I would see her quite often, the rather diminutive redhead in desert MARPAT was not someone you could miss. We spoke often and I liked her.
Yesterday she was out in town with a patrol trying to get the information to help shape our story when she was killed in an enemy attack.

Maj. McClung was fighting one of the most important battles of this war. What a terrible loss for our country.