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Making a Monkey Out of Journalism

Jim has more information on the bright red, bold headline from Drudge, “NYT REJECTS MCCAIN’S EDITORIAL; SHOULD ‘MIRROR’ OBAMA,” but I thought it was interesting to see what op-ed ran in place of McCain’s:

Chimps Aren’t Chumps

An excerpt of the issue that is more important than Iraq:

YOU see it on greeting cards and in countless TV programs and commercials: the exaggerated grin on the face of a young chimpanzee, often one that’s wearing sunglasses or a grass skirt. It’s about as common a ploy for laughs as a pie in the face. Generations have been amused by the antics of Bonzo, J. Fred Muggs, Zippy and, more recently, the business-suited chimps of A chimpanzee covering its eyes in embarrassment? What’s not to love?
But this picture, harmless as it might appear, is giving the public the mistaken and even dangerous impression that chimpanzees have a safe and comfortable existence — and nothing could be further from the truth.

On a positive note for team McCain, the Drudge headline ensures people will read the piece.