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Making Rush’s Day

Hillary is willing to take her fight all the way to the the Democratic National Convention, to the delight of many outside the liberal establishment.
Including Clint Eastwood. The Politico reported yesterday that:

Though a longtime follower of John McCain – dating back to the Arizona senator’s 2000 run against George W. Bush in the GOP primary – Clint Eastwood thinks Clinton deserves some serious respect. And enough already with the calls for her to quit. 
“Everybody’s trying to talk her into folding, but it doesn’t seem like the spirit of Americana,” Eastwood told Politico before heading to France’s Cannes Film Festival, where his period kidnapping drama “Changeling,” starring Angelina Jolie, had its world premiere Tuesday. 
“Put yourself in the place of [Clinton]: You’ve gone out there and made a thousand speeches, and you’ve shaken a million hands and you’ve been out there working your [pant-suited kiester] off,” Eastwood said. “And then somebody comes up and says, ‘Why don’t you just drop out of it?’” 


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