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Marshall and Plame

In the latest print issue of NR, I take a look at those in the mainstream media who worked the hardest to sell phony conspiracy theories about the CIA leak case to the public. The New York Times, MSNBC, the AP and the Washington Post all make the list. Space constraints kept me from discussing the stuff cooked up in the liberal blogosphere.

Fortunately, the Baseball Crank isn’t similarly circumscribed. Today he examines the record of blogger Josh Marshall — “one of the main blogospheric advocates” for Joe Wilson. What’s surprising to me is that, while ”centrist” left-wing bloggers like Marshall got the story wrong, supposedly mainstream people like Chris Matthews were peddling even crazier theories to much larger audiences. This story seemed fatally designed to inflame mainstream journalists’ Watergate fantasies, which in many cases caused them to muck up the story even worse than some liberal bloggers.