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Matthews: Can You Name A Conviction?

I’ve criticized Chris Matthews several times this week, so it’s only fair that I give him credit for doing the right thing tonight when liberal Mark Green went off on how corrupt the Bush administration is and started ticking off indictments:

MATTHEWS: Can you name a conviction, Mark?
GREEN: Hold it, hold it. What I said was –
MATTHEWS: Can you name a conviction?
GREEN: One second. What I said was that six people — three people have been indicted — by the way Chris, if you and I have been indicted, it doesn’t mean we’re guilty, but we wouldn’t trade places –
MATTHEWS: No no no. I just want to know, when you call an administration has a, has a culture of corruption, I think you need one case of proven guilt, don’t you? At least one case of proven guilt.

Green tried to bring up Jack Abramoff, but Matthews pointed out that Abramoff was not part of the administration and had gotten in trouble only after he worked for DeLay. Good for Matthews. I just wish he had shown a tenth of this aggressiveness with Cindy Sheehan. If you watch the video, stick around for Ben Ginsberg’s point that all the Democrats can do is attack, because they have no positive agenda.
Video here.

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