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Matthews Has Cheney Heckler on Hardball

The heckler, in a scenario that no one could have foreseen, proceeded to heckle both Matthews and the other guest on the program:

The heckler is Dr. Ben Marble, who famously approached Dick Cheney as he was speaking to a group of reporters in a Katrina-ravaged Mississippi neighborhood and told him to engage in an act of congress with himself.
Tonight on Hardball, Marble interrupted host Chris Matthews and his other guest, Katrina survivor Rockey Vaccarella, several times.
Most egregiously, he shouted down Vacarella, who recently met with President Bush, by interjecting, “You lost your house and your belongings. Cindy Sheehan lost her son. And the president would not meet with her, but he met with you. And you don’t think that has anything to do with politics? Give me a break!”
Vacarella responded, “Sir, he met with her twice to my knowledge.”
Marble was unfazed. “That’s ridiculous,” he responded. “Of course it’s political.”
Dr. Marble also called Bush, “The worst president in the history of this nation without a question and he should resign as soon as possible,” and could be seen yelling at the camera after Matthews ended the interview.
Who could have predicted that the “Go f*** yourself” guy would act so obnoxious on TV?
Then again, that was probably the point.
Video here.


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