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Matthews: “This Is His Iraq”

Chris Matthews on the continuing Reverend Wright controversy:

TUCKER CARLSON, MSNBC SENIOR CAMPAIGN CORRESPONDENT: You accuse the U.S. government of creating AIDS and that what you‘re saying in your capacity as a pastor? No, you‘re saying it in your capacity as a nut case. There‘s no explaining that. There‘s no apologizing for it. It‘s wrong, and he ought to have the decency to admit it. I think Barack Obama has left unanswered—I like Obama, by the way. But he‘s left unanswered the key question, which was how could you sit there for 20 years and not say anything?

No one answered that question. People have shouted down those who attempted to ask it. It remains unanswered. That is a problem.

MATTHEWS: This is his Iraq. This is his Iraq.

Oooh. Do I detect a possible “Worst Person in the World” award coming Matthews’ way?