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Matthews vs. Kevin James

For those MB readers who can’t watch videos at work, here’s the transcript for Stephen’s post below. Let me just highlight another Matthews mix up:

MATTHEWS: I‘m not going to continue with this interview unless you answer what that thing is. What did Chamberlain do in ‘39? Tell me, in ‘38. What did he do? What did he do?

And this…

MATTHEWS: You are talking about a critical point in American history, in European history, and you can‘t tell me what Neville Chamberlain did in Munich. What did he do in ‘39, ‘38?

More dates…

MATTHEWS: I have been sitting here five minutes asking you to say what the president was referring to in 1938 at Munich.

And finished with this:

MATTHEWS: You don‘t know what you‘re talking about. Your problem, Kevin, is, you don‘t know what you‘re talking about.

And the problem is, you don‘t understand there‘s a difference between talking to the enemy and appeasing. What Neville Chamberlain did wrong, most people would say, is not talking to Hitler, but giving him half of Czechoslovakia in ‘38. That‘s what he did wrong, not talking to somebody.

At least Matthews got his dates right at the end. But as Stephen pointed out, still clueless on the Cole.


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