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Matthews: WV Chock Full O’ Bigots

Media Research Center relays this gem:

Guest hosting on Tuesday’s Morning Joe, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews assigned deleterious motives to the voters of West Virginia and repeatedly reaffirmed that nobody should be surprised if Barack Obama loses the May 13 primary to Hillary Clinton. According to Matthews: “You could have predicted West Virginia 20 years ago on this one.” Making his racial overtones more clear, Matthews derided: “These people made up their mind in ‘57.”

This was all too much for fellow guest host Pat Buchanan. One of the few conservatives on MSNBC, he first laughed and then alluded to the fact that West Virginia has been almost exclusively controlled by Democrats: “What an indictment! What an indictment of your party, Chris!” Matthews snidely responded by claiming his remarks indicated “a suggestion of understanding the geography of America.” He followed up by jokingly referring to Buchanan’s previous presidential runs and not-so subtlety asking: “How did you do in West Virginia? Pretty good, huh?”

First: Some things in the politics-punditry industry are tough to understand. Why do people go on Bill Mahr’s show? Or Jon Stewart’s? Why even associate with the likes of Chris “Thrill Up My Leg” Matthews (and his new Tang-colored hair)?
Second: Chris Matthews should be more circumspect. He’s from Pennsylvania, which, according to the state’s own findings, has more active hate groups than any other state in the country. The media loves to condescend to the South, but if you’re looking for a Klan or Aryan Nations’ stronghold these days, you’re looking at Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Indiana.

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