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Maureen Dowd’s Plagiarism-like Error

She’s blaming a friend.  Daily Kos:

Maureen Dowd has responded to our request for clarification on her earlier comment. We wanted to know whether her friend had dictated the paragraph to her for inclusion in her column — a logical assumption given that it repeated, word for word, Marshall’s Thursday post.

Here’s Dowd’s email response to the NYTPicker:

no, we were going back and forth discussing the topic of the column and he made this point and i thought it was a good one and wanted to weave it in; i just didn’t realize it was josh marshall’s point, and we’ve now given him credit my friend didn’t want to be quoted; but of course i would have been happy to give credit to another writer, as i often do.

Not dictated?  As another Kos poster writes:

MoDos friend made the point so cogently

that even the commas fall in the same places. That’s some seriously detailed conversation she has


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