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Mayor Daley Talks About Oprah

Daley blames the media for Oprah’s decision:

The mayor says it was the flap over the show’s season opener on Michigan Avenue in September that may have helped set Oprah’s travel plans in stone. There was criticism about shutting down the Magnificent Mile for days for the taping. She reimbursed the city for costs related to the closure.
“That became a big rhubarb in the Chicago press — beat up Oprah,” Daley told reporters. “So you keep kicking people, people will leave, simple as that.”
Pressed about whether the media really caused Oprah to flee, Daley added: “I’m just saying that when someone’s doing something like that, most cities would love it. … It’s just amazing. I don’t know why it became so controversial.”
Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper joked on todays CBS 2 Morning News:  “I think he’s officially lost his mind. I think Richie has gone over the deep end.”


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