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McCain’s Houses

McCain might point out to these media fellows that of the seven or so properties he and his family own, none have been purchased with the assistance of Tony Rezko. Writes David Freddoso:

In October 1998, Obama wrote city and state officials, urging them to give Rezko $14 million to build an apartment complex outside of Obama’s state Senate district. The Chicago Sun-Times noted last year that Obama’s request included $855,000 in “development fees” for Rezko and for another developer, Allison Davis, who happened to be Obama’s old law-firm boss. Obama’s spokesman said it was just a coincidence that the state senator wrote letters to obtain millions of dollars for his two longtime friends.
In fact, Obama was a dependable ally of subsidized developers in the Legislature, giving Rezko and others broader help as well. In “The Case Against Barack Obama,” I identify and parse six housing bills with which Obama was closely involved.

If the Obama people really want to talk about real-estate deals, Mrs. McCain knows where her money came from, and might point out that she didn’t do a deal with a corrupt political fund-raiser to put a roof over her head.


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