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McClellan and Olbermann

Here’s the transcript from last night for anyone who’s interested. The heartache of the night for K.O. occurred right near the end when guest John Dean answered that he didn’t think Congress could impeach the president over the book:

OLBERMANN: Is there anything to do with this information, other than add to the historical record? You have the Plame outing, Bush‘s commutation of the Libby sentence, Bush‘s involvement in the leak, do the acts constitute obstruction of justice or grounds for an investigation? Because impeachment would be the logical follow up here, but, obviously, the clock on impeachment is running down if it hasn‘t run down already.

DEAN: On the obstruction, he told you he had given everything he had to in the special prosecutor who was investigating that. I don‘t think there‘s anything new there. He will discover in his new life subpoenas will come his way and he‘ll have to be wrestling with whether or not he really believes this mythical position that the Bush administration has taken about executive privilege, that they can somehow block somebody from testifying.

As far as impeachment, I think we are too far down the road. Just the mechanics of starting it—I didn‘t find anything so far in the press accounts I have read. While there‘s a lot of revelation and a lot of troubling things in there, something that will ignite an impeachment drive. It will take more than—It somewhat is corroboration of what we already knew.


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