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McLeary’s Response

Paul McLeary of CJR Daily attempts to respond to my post from yesterday about the WaPo’s liberal bias. Among other things, McLeary considers it “the height of laziness” to make the case for media bias using only headlines. If we here at the Media Blog only made our case in this fashion, he’d have a point. But, just as criticizing the media solely on the basis of headlines would be shallow, so is McLeary’s criticism of us: It is based only on the one post he mentions, and it ignores all of our other posts on the subject of media bias (there are many – this is a blog about the media). MSM headlines are only one of many areas in which liberal media bias manifests itself.

Also, the argument that I’m lazy would have been on sturdier footing if McLeary hadn’t stated that it was Rich Lowry who posted those headlines to The Corner. It was actually Byron York — like I mentioned in my post, and like it is notated in Byron’s post on The Corner.

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