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Media Intimidation

This is what it really looks like:

Journalists in Sudan have condemned the killing of Mohammed Taha, a newspaper editor whose headless body was found outside Khartoum on Wednesday hours after he was kidnapped from his home in the city.

The journalists’ association wrote to the government demanding action against whoever was responsible for the murder, but a demonstration by about 200 journalists in Khartoum on Wednesday to condemn the killing was broken up by the police, according to Alfred Taban, the editor of the Khartoum Monitor, an independent newspaper.

Taha was charged with blasphemy last year after an article questioning the parentage of the Prophet Mohammed appeared in his al-Wifaq newspaper. The newspaper was shut down for two months, but the charges were later dropped. Several religious groups had called for his killing, according to Taban, despite his apology for the offending article.

The article mentions “unconfirmed reports that arrests have been made,” but a tipster writes, “I don’t think the Sudanese Government will do anything significant here, as they likely wanted Taha dead as well.” That’s a shame.