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Media Pretty Impressed with America’s King and Queen

Here are some of the headlines and reactions on last night’s White House state dinner for France. . .

First up, who knew the collection of Hollywood stars, politicians, and other power players were “royalty”:, homepage: D.C. royalty turns out for state dinner

Oh, and the dress!

Washington Post, Style section: Michelle Obama lifts up U.S. designers, elegantly around her shoulders

And the White House producer for NBC News, Shawna Thomas, was quite smitten by Michelle Obama’s dress as well:

“#Bowdown”? It’s Michelle Obama, not Michelle Antoinette last time I checked.

The New York Times called it a “lavish event” but unfortunately “the evening still seemed one spouse short.” 

And what did the royalty eat at the lavish event? 2500 calories worth, that’s what. I seem to recall the First Lady advocating for healthier eating choices, no?

As they say, it’s good to be king.




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