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The Media’s Favorite CIA Guy

A few weeks ago Byron York took a close look at the media’s favorite source for commentary on the CIA, pre-war WMD and the Plame leak case: Larry Johnson. This week, blogger George Gooding (a.k.a. Seixon) — who has broken previous stories about Johnson’s support for Truthout laughingstock Jason Leopold — reports that Johnson is once again associating with the most bizarre and dishonest elements of the online left. He concludes:

Lastly, Larry Johnson mingles with Leopold and [Raw Story editor Larisa] Alexandrovna. Johnson has sought to protect Leopold’s credibility. Johnson is a contributor for Alexandrovna. There is evidence that Leopold uses Johnson or other members of VIPS as sources for his fraudulent stories. Now we have evidence that he gets involved with these conspiracy theory witch hunts conducted by Leopold and Alexandrovna to silence their critics. This is the type of person the media goes to for serious comment on terrorism? Someone who will, on a whim, believe completely ridiculous things simply because Leopold says so? Doesn’t Mr. Johnson have better things to do at his office than send emails to a woman alleging that she is a man employed by DieBold while peddling insane stories about a DOD plant being concocted by Larisa Alexandrovna?
Al Gore, I think I found your digital Brown Shirts, and they’re all firmly planted in the Joe Wilson Truth Movement.

The media continue to go to Johnson for commentary on serious issues. A Nexis search of TV transcripts reveals that he has appeared on CNN as a source as recently as June 18. Surely reporters can find a more credible source for commentary on the CIA.


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