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Meghan McCain Speaks Out

She’s angry about the tasteless jokes at the correspondents’ dinner.  Well, at least one of the jokes:

Once inside, the bubbly blond’s mood didn’t improve; she was annoyed at Wanda Sykes’ roast. 

“Sen. McCain gave you grief about the new helicopters you didn’t order,” said Sykes, adding, “I think Mr. McCain was a little bitter because he wanted to be in the new helicopters. Mr. McCain, I’m sure if you ask nicely, your wife will buy you a new helicopter.”

While the assembled crowd of politicos, journalists and celebrities roared with laughter, Meghan was not among them.

“I didn’t like the joke about my mom [Cindy],” the young McCain told us after the dinner. “Why talk about her at all? I (didn’t mind the jokes) about my dad, but leave my mom out of it. It really wasn’t in good taste.”


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