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Memo: The Press Has Asked About Gun Control in the Past

Many times. You can search the White House website yourself, but here’s just one example. From July 31, 2012:

Q    Given the fact that the President talked — spoke at the Urban League about the importance of having a dialogue, about cracking down on gun violence, has he moved any closer to deciding whether to hold any sort of gun policy event to open a dialogue about this any further?

MR. CARNEY:  Well, I have no announcements to make in terms of his schedule or speaking plans.  But I would point you to the fact that he gave that address and to the fact that he spoke about the issue of violence at a higher level, that this is not just an issue of specific horrific incidents like that one that took place in Aurora, but the fact that we have levels of violence that are too high in many cities across this country, and that we need to address the problem from a variety of directions — not just through legislation that relates to guns but through action that we could take and are taking in assisting local law enforcement, local government; action that we can take to ensure that teenagers who might be prone to or vulnerable to falling into gangs are instead in school or have summer programs that keep them off the streets.  These are the kinds of things that are part of a broader approach to dealing with violence.

Q    Well, I guess, what’s the next step?  In addition to speaking about it at the union [sic] league, what’s he –

MR. CARNEY:  Well, I don’t have — the President has directed his Department of Justice to continue to take action, common-sense action that makes enforcement of our existing laws more effective, prevents criminals and others who should not have weapons from getting them.  And he will, I’m sure, continue to hold the position that he talked about at the Urban League and talked about in Tucson and talked about in the op-ed that he wrote about the broader issues of violence and how we should address it. 

That’s what you call a “punt.”


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