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Michael Crowley on Fineman’s List

Michael Crowley of The New Republic doesn’t agree with Howard Fineman that Obama is making mistakes. Crowley writes:

You also have to give Obama some benefit of the doubt. He rode out the panic at moments when Hillary seemed to be outdoing him and came out a winner. Whereas McCain’s pattern is generally  the opposite: He thrives as an underdog and founders when he’s got the upper hand.

The reason why Obama successfully “rode out the panic,” as Crowley correctly notes, was because he knew that he had enough delegates early on and that no matter what happened to Clinton, he’d get it.  And the MSM gave him cover on it by constantly criticizing the undemocratic nature of the Democratic super-delegates. With Obama winning the media battle against Clinton’s super-delegate argument and his tiny lead in pledged delegates, he didn’t really have to fight it out with Hillary and Bill.
[UPDATE: This item has been amended since its initial posting.]