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Michelle Obama Guest Stars on iCarly

Mediaite reports:

First Lady Michelle Obama‘s much-hyped iCarly episode aired on Monday night, and she had some fun with the guest spot, participating in a game show where she has to guess if a character named Gibby is wearing a hat or criticizing his pet hamster, sharing secret robot-building plans, and dancing with the cast of the show.

Mrs. Obama, who turns 48 today, had appeared in an earlier segment, sharing her admiration for Carly’s father’s military service. Buoyed by her visit, they ask the Fist Lady to appear on their web show, which featured the Gibby game. She correctly answers three questions — a new record — and wins a bag of nuts and bolts.

I don’t care that she went on the show, but to sell this as “admiration for Carly’s father’s military service” is a little overboard. In the show, the father, an Air Force officer who finds himself temporarily stationed on a submarine, is never seen and he leaves his teenage daughter in the custody of her idiot older brother.

We’re in the middle of two wars where thousands of military families find themselves separated from their kids, and Michelle Obama singles out military service that is more plot device than actual service?


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