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Mil-Bloggers vs. Joe the Plumber

Via Hot Air’s headlines, a great take on Joe the Plumber reporting from Israel by mil-blogger J.D. Johannes (who is responding to what Joe the Plumber said yesterday about keeping the media out of the warzone):

Where Joe gets into trouble is every time he moves beyond that angle, specifically in a long report where he says reporters should not be out in the battle with the troops.
That means Joe thinks Michael Yon, Michael Totten, Bill Roggio & his team, myself and others should not be running around with infantry units.
PJTV, the first majorly funded new media venture of its kind, hired, as its first star middle east reporter, a man who thinks the U.S. Military and IDF should yield the media battle space to the enemy.
I don’t know what fantasy world Joe lives in, but the media is going to cover a war however they can get access to it.  If the U.S. military or IDF doesn’t allow access, you can bet the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaida, Jaish al Mahdi, etc. will become the primary distributors of information.  Heck, they already are.
Luckily General David Petraeus sees things differently and in the counter insurgency field manual stated clearly that the media should be encouraged to embed with infantry units for long stretches of time.
And this is the hazard of sending Joe to be a media organization’s star correspondent.
Far from being a burden, the media is an important compenent of modern 4th Generation Warfare.

Well worth reading in its entirety.


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