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Milbloggers Adding Perspective on Iraq

Mike Spector has written an interesting piece on milbloggers in the WSJ:

Now, [ founder J.P.] Borda finds himself at the center of a growing blogging movement. Military bloggers, or “milbloggers” as they call themselves, contend that they are uniquely qualified to comment on events in armed conflicts. Many milbloggers also argue that the mainstream media tends to overplay negative stories and play down positive military developments. For many of these blogs, says Mr. Borda, “the sole purpose is to counteract the media.” […]

The backlash takes many forms. Some bloggers point out what they see as inaccuracies and post lengthy critiques of current reporting. Others post their own stories. Some simply sling arrows. […]

What’s the future of military blogs? Mr. Borda would like to see milbloggers get their own TV shows or have their entries printed in major newspapers. The goal, he says, is to “continually be blurring that line between the media and blogging.”

Blackfive and Michael Yon are name-checked. Yon is also mentioned by Jay Rosen in this post about another effort to blur the line. More precisely, it’s an experiment in producing great online journalism without “the media.” Yon and other milbloggers have done it, but Jay asks: How can we finance more of it? Beyond the blogger’s tip jar, that is.


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