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Miller Out. Keller Next?

If so, the New York Times would be making a mistake.
This afternoon I wrote a post about a New York Daily News story that reported on Times executive editor Bill Keller’s supposedly close relationship with Paul Wolfowitz. I fliply joked that according to the standard Democrats have started applying to President Bush, Keller must have also lied about Saddam’s WMD.
The appearance of another piece about Keller and Wolfowitz’s supposed closeness has made me more skeptical — to the point where now I’m thinking that the internal war over Judith Miller’s WMD reporting has spilled out of the newsroom in the form of leaks to other papers. The hard-left faction at the Times that quickly turned on Miller when she was released from jail is now turning on Keller, whom they see as a Miller enabler and apologist.
This faction got one of its wishes today as it was announced that Miller had left the Times. Will Keller be next? Stay tuned…

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