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Missing the Point by a Mile

Oliver Willis thinks I object to the publication of the banking-data story because I object to the publication of any story that reflects badly on the Bush administration. The only problem with his theory is that the story doesn’t reflect badly on the Bush administration. If anything, it helps Bush politically by explaining an innovative and successful method the administration has used to track terrorists. Oh wait… make that used to use to track terrorists, now that its exposure has probably rendered it ineffective.

No doubt there are dozens of classified actions the administration has taken to fight terror that, if they were revealed, would help Bush politically. If that were the only criterion I used to judge news stories, as Willis alleges, then I would be jumping for joy at this latest revelation.
And yet, somehow, I had exactly the opposite reaction the NYT’s decision to expose this program. Call me crazy. I guess it’s because I’d rather see the administration continue to successfully thwart terrorist attacks than see Bush receive a slight bump in the polls.


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