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So, which presidential candidate do you think gave the first major interview to the Fox Business Network? Would you believe, Hillary Clinton?

Huff Po was watching:

The other gaffe this morning came from Glick during her interview with Hillary Clinton, where she slipped and said, “But Hillary —” there was a split-second (during which I, and I’m guessing other viewers, suddenly held my breath) and then Glick apologized and re-asked the question to “Senator Clinton.” “No problem,” said Hillary, who answered and pointedly addressed her as “Alexis.” It would have been one heck of a ballsy move to have just left it there — and sure would have made news — but Glick’s recovery was quick and Clinton was gracious. Still, it may be the first time Clinton has been called “Hillary” to her face in an interview (wonks, feel free to send the updates if I’m wrong).

TV Newser has more on FBN’s first day problems:

Technical difficulties were bound to happen. And this morning a few did. Some on the set, some off. Alexis Glick’s pre-taped interview with Sen. Hillary Clinton ended abruptly with Sen. Clinton being cut off mid-response: “Well, Alexis, I think that’s what elections are about, um…” After a commercial break, Glick explained the “full interview” will air tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Glick’s co-anchor Peter Barnes was in Times Square with the “fastest, most powerful, most expensive street-legal car in the world.” One problem, after much anticipation the car wouldn’t start. Later, back on the set, Barnes explained the multi-step process to start the $1.5M Bugati; he apparently wasn’t informed of one of the steps crucial to starting the car.

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