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More on the George Will Smackdown of Bill Maher

Worth reading Gregg Opelka’s whole post, with videos, but here’s an excerpt. Big Journalism:

The second half of Maher’s “Race in Twenty-first Century America” dissertation—after George Will forced him to explain his explanation—is even more elucidating of the workings of the Maher soul: “If you’re a racist, you’re probably a Republican.” Does bigotry get any balder than that? Does it get any bolder? Vanity is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Another is pride. Let the ABC viewer decide for him or herself to what degree Mr. Maher is invulnerable to these transgressions of character.

Maher’s accusations about race are not only odious, racist, and repugnant on their face, they are characteristic of the wholesale and relentless attempt by the left—and many in the media—to brand the Tea Party movement and, on a wider basis, any critic of the current administration as racially motivated. Those who watch Maher’s Real Time and enjoy his brand of political chatter would do well to examine its loose-lipped host for the very kind of bias he accuses the conservative movement of so blithely and so blanketly.

One can infer from his 2008 film Religulous that Maher is, if not a denier, at best agnostic regarding the crucifixion of Christ. Regarding his own political crucifixion, however, there can be no doubt. It’s on videotape for all to see. What remains in doubt is the likelihood of his resurrection as a political pundit at the ABC Sunday morning roundtable.

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