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More Marshall Madness

I know Josh Marshall knows how earmarks work. He knows that mayors and governors do not get to place earmarks into congressional appropriations bills, and he knows that Alaska’s disproportionate share of the bacon has nothing to do with Sarah Palin. I know he knows all that, so I think it’s pretty safe to characterize this video as pure partisan desperation. Listen to that laughter at the end: I think he was trying for “dismissive,” but he ended up just sounding “Gary-Busey nuts.”

Marshall also accused McCain today of masterminding a “race-baiting ad”; I challenge anyone at TPM to come up with a plausible argument to back that up. This ad may be many things. Personally, I think it’s misleading, and I wouldn’t have run it. But racist? To criticize a black office-holder’s record on public-school sex education? What goes on in the mind of a person who thinks that way? I’ll say it again: He is the one with the problem.

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