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More Media-Manufactured Scandals

Hope everyone had a great vacation and survived spending time with the fam. Here’s a couple of media-manufactured controversies that I missed. Jon L. writes:

You forgot the secret prisons where we hold dozens of terrorists without giving them hot tea and backrubs. Leaking this classified information is

much less important than the gossip surrounding Valerie Plame’s status as a

covert agent ten years ago.

Joseph K. writes:

Don’t forget the Bill Bennett abortion story from late September.

Jeanne B. adds that in addition to media-manufactured scandals, there were real scandals that the media chose to ignore:

I’m watching Kofi Annan chide the U.N. press corps like a group of

schoolchildren. Suddenly it occurs to me that no year-end-wrap-ups (like the MSNBC poll or Time’s Person of the Year considerations) has made mention of the enormous Oil for Food scandal that engulfed the United Nations and many of its members.
Funny how the MSM just couldn’t ever work up any outrage over a world body and supposed “allies” who took bribes for selling out U.S. security. Then recall that it was that same world body that pointed its finger and called Americans “stingy” after the tsunami.
What a crazy world.

Finally, Bob N. regrets that he doesn’t have time to contribute to the list:

Sorry not to be able to join in on your review of “Media Manufactured Controversies in 2005″ since I am fully occupied with the construction of a shrine for the recently martyred Stanley “Tookie” Williams, however I am hopeful that help will be forthcoming from Tookie’s son once he is released from the slammer.

That’s okay, Bob. Thanks to each of you for writing, don’t forget to check out NRO’s “Best and Worst” of 2005, and have a happy new year.


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