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More Obama Stagecraft

Read Jim for Obama’s changing rhetoric on Russia, but I thought this is quite illuminating. Before he could talk to reporters on the incident on Friday, he had to make sure the theatrics were in place. Quick, Axlerod, get the flags!

SACRAMENTO — Nothing like starting your vacation with an international crisis.
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was Hawaii bound when it became clear he needed to make a public statement about the outbreak of violence between Georgia and Russia – as rival John McCain had already done – or risk looking out of touch.


Arrangements were hastily made for a quick press conference during a refueling stop in Sacramento.


American flags were found for a backdrop and Obama came into the small room to make his statement, still dressed in khakis, a black polo shirt and a light jacket.


“This is a volatile situation,” he said. “Obviously we’ll be getting updated on a regular basis. But what is clear is that Russia has invaded Georgia’s sovereignty … has encroached on Georgia’s sovereignty, and it is very important for us to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”

Clinton was right. It’s 3 AM and nobody’s home.


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