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Morning Joe Talks the Romney-Ryan Video Dust-Up

Joe and Mika defended their staff on the doctored–not-doctored clip of the Romney-Ryan even by making a joke about their hardworking staff being drunk overnight, but they would never doctor the tape.

Scarborough also takes some shots at bloggers telling them to “put down the Cheetos” and leave the “basement.”

Come on. The issue bloggers had with Scarborough was his holier-than-though attitude on Friday where he refused to acknowledge even a possibility  that a mistake had been made by his staff. He went into the weekend defending his error on Twitter, and ends up with this weak response on how he can now see how the very issue bloggers were pointing out could be correct.

Joe and Mika ended the clip with a warning to bloggers to leave their staff alone. Except to say they’re a bunch of alcoholics I guess.


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