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MSNBC Bias Problem

One thing that’s becoming clear is that MSNBC’s bias toward Obama is reaching a stage where it is clouding the judgment of the pundits. For example, before last night’s big Hillary speech, MSNBC was interviewing Chuck Schumer and asked him about how McCain was using Clinton’s words against Obama in ads. Schumer said something to the effect that it’s a bad move because it will be very easy for Hillary to turn that type of attack back on McCain. Schumer went on to add that the DSCC won’t run those type of ads because they don’t work.

When the Schumer interview was over, Olbermann was almost giddy at the prospect of McCain’s ad getting thrown back in his face during the speech. It never happened.
Keith Oblermann can say whatever he wants about the speech. Saying it’s a “grand slam” won’t make it so. The fact is Hillary went just far enough to not get 100 percent of the blame if Obama loses in November. That may be enough for the delegates in the hall, but it’s not going to be good enough to convince the thousands of conservative Dems out there who aren’t sold on the Hyde Park messiah.


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