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MSNBC vs. Glenn Beck

Say it ain’t so, Joe.  Joe Scarborugh joins the MSDNC lemmings in going after Fox News ratings sensation Glenn Beck.  Newsbusters:

As news of Beck’s success spreads, his competitors — especially the liberal wannabes — are foaming at the mouth.

A fine example occurred on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” when co-host Willie Geist showed a video clip of Beck getting emotional during his monologues which evoked nothing but disgust from fellow co-host Mika Brzezinski and the Daily Beast’s Tina Brown.

Even co-host Joe Scarborough couldn’t hold back the laughter (video below the fold courtesy our friend Ms Underestimated with transcribed lowlights, file photo)

I’m a fan of Joe Scarborough, but let’s talk ratings.  MSDNC was bragging about Joe’s 2009 numbers:

“Morning Joe” out-rated CNN among A25-54 in the 6-9 a.m. time period, the first time since August 2001 that MSNBC has beaten CNN for the month in that slot (173,000 vs. 168,000). “Morning Joe” was up a big 82 percent in A25-54 (173,000 vs. 95,000) and up 33 percent in total viewers (431,000 vs. 324,000) versus March 2008.

How small are these numbers?  Just to compare, <a href="“>on Monday, for example, Glenn Beck had roughly five times “Morning Joe’s” audience.  If Scarborough has a real beef with Beck, that’s one thing.  But this looks like MSDNC sour grapes and a  focused effort to discredit the competition.

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