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MSNBC’s O’Donnell Grills Sheehan

The lefties aren’t going to be happy about this one:

NORAH O’DONNELL: Cindy Sheehan is America’s most outspoken anti-war activist. But does she speak for America or just the fringes? She’s called President Bush the biggest terrorist in the world and she stood side by side with socialist dictator Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Now she begins a two-month hunger strike to get the American people to join her mission to end the war. Welcome to Hardball, Cindy. Let me begin by asking you, you know, Americans may hate the war, but they don’t necessarily hate the president. How do you expect to get change by going around the world and trashing the president of the United States?CINDY SHEEHAN: Actually, I don’t hate the president either. I don’t trash the president, I trash the president’s foreign policy, which is fundamentally and inherently wrong and immoral. And I don’t tell people around the world anything that they don’t know.
O’DONNELL: But you called him the biggest terrorist in the world. So you are trashing the president.
SHEEHAN: Well you know he says a terrorist is somebody who kills innocent men, women and children, and there has been [sic] over 100,000 innocent men, women and children killed in Iraq on his orders.

That was just the beginning. O’Donnell went on to call Sheehan’s hunger strike “really just more of a publicity stunt,” challenge her on her fringe views and confront her over her association with Hugo Chavez. Toward the end, it started to look more like a harangue than an interview, and I thought O’Donnell could have asked more substantive questions. But I was glad to see someone in the media confront Sheehan over her extremist rhetoric, particularly the “Bush is a terrorist” trope.
Video here.


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