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MTV Pulls South Park Episode Deemed Offensive to Mexico


The channel took a last-minute decision not to broadcast the episode, which portrays the Mexican president as a leader who wastes funds and irritates the international community.

MTV says it did not transmit the programme on its Latin American service because the cariacature of Calderon appears in front of a Mexican flag, potentially breaking the law.

The network says it needs permission from the government to show the episode inside Mexico because of a law stating the flag and other national symbols must be handled with respect. There is a 52,590 peso (£3,200) fine for violating the law.

However, the decision has been ridiculed by some, including one contributor to the popular MexaBlog site who asked: “Has it been censored by the Mexican government?”.

MTV apologised to fans of the show for dropping the episode, called Pinewood Derby, which had been heavily trailed.

Erick Zermeno, spokesperson for MTV Mexico, said that they had decided to pull the entire episode instead of trying to cover the flag artificially to avoid a possible fine from the government.

“We decided not to alter the image because the reaction would have been worse,” he said.

Mr Zermeno told the BBC that as soon as the permit was ready the episode would be broadcast in its entirety and without alterations.


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