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The Nation Calls the Bombing of Hiroshima ‘Terrorism’

And not just any sort of terrorism, mind you . . .

“Single gravest act of terrorism in history?” 

Let’s put aside the Nazis in Germany for this argument and just examine Japanese atrocities during World War II.

There’s the Nanjing Massacre, where the Japanese Imperial Army killed an estimated 300,000 Chinese, raped an estimated 20,000 women, and, for the citizens back home in Tokyo,  put on that ever popular form of entertainment: beheading contests. (If you haven’t read the book The Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang yet, order it now.)

Or how about Japan’s use of human experimentation to develop biological and chemical weapons?

Then, of course, there’s Japan’s #WarOnWomen, whereby Japan forced Korean and Chinese women into prostitution to “comfort” their soldiers. And God forbid you were taken prisoner by the Japanese, in whose POW camps the death rates were seven times higher than in Germany and Italy.

If you want to have a debate about the need to use atomic weapons in World Wwar II, then fine, but let’s not rewrite the history in the process.


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