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New Poll: Most Hill Staffers Find Media Bias, and Most Lobbyists Are Democrats

Today, George Washington University released the results of a survey of over 3,000 congressional staffers and D.C lobbyists, showing that most people who work on the Hill believe there is a noticeable media bias. That the staffers recognize a media bias is far from groundbreaking, but the survey’s near-unanimity is quite shocking — 95 percent of respondents agreed that at least some recognizable bias exists.

“Seventy-five percent of Republican Hill staff believes there is ‘a lot’ of bias compared to 53 percent of Democratic staff. Forty-one percent of Democratic staff says there is ‘some’ bias compared with 24 percent of Republicans,” GW published in a press release.

As David Rehr, a professor at GWU’s School of Political Management and one of the individuals who conducted the study, told NRO that the more interesting aspect of the study is the tangible impact that this bias has on the legislative process: “We are looking at a situation where 99.6 percent of Capitol Hill believes that the political bias in the media is affecting the execution of laws in this country. . . . The people who are actually making the laws and the lobbyists who are influencing the laws believe there to be significant political bias in the media which is effecting the creation of laws for all Americans.”

The study also went into some depth on the political affiliations of Washington’s lobbyists and found that 44 percent of lobbyists self-identify as Democrats, 30 percent as Republicans, and 26 percent as either independent or non-affiliated (2.1 percent margin of error).

You can see the full study here.


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