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Just what the world was waiting for: the merger of social networking and the New York Times:

  • Join the TimesPeople beta and see what the members of your network are sharing on the TimesPeople toolbar, which will appear at the top of every page of Your personal TimesPeople page allows you to review the activities of everyone in your network.
  • TimesPeople does not monitor routine site activity, such as reading articles, clicking links or viewing graphics. Your private activities, such as e-mailing an article or video, stay private.
  • Any registered member of is eligible to become a TimesPeople member. After you sign up for TimesPeople, you may opt out of sharing your activities with the TimesPeople community at any time.
  • To learn more about TimesPeople, read the FAQ, or just sign up and start using TimesPeople (by clicking here or by using the button above). Please send comments and suggestions to


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