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New York Times Accuses Perry of Racism

The New York Times, in a bid not to be outdone by the Washington Post, published its own piece this past weekend alleging that Rick Perry is a racist. Its proof? Rick Perry’s campaign for Agricultural Commissioner in 1990 had an ad that,

Features Mr. Perry’s Democratic opponent in that race, the incumbent Jim Hightower, posing triumphantly with the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Their hands are clasped above their heads, and the two men are smiling. These words flash on the screen: “Does Hightower share your values?” Then, under the photo of the two men: “Jesse Jackson’s chairman.”

Really? That’s it? Rick Perry’s opponent in that election, Jim Hightower, claims that “‘the whole point was: there I am with a black man. . . . It was an overt play to the racist vote.’” This seems a bit far-fetched.

The explanation offered by Perry’s aides then and now, “that the ad was designed only to tie Mr. Hightower to a well-known liberal” appears reasonable. It is rather depressing that the New York Times has resorted to dredging up ancient allegations in an attempt to further suppress Rick Perry’s campaign for the nomination.

The rest of the article here.

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