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News Orgs Want to Deny Libby a Defense

David Johnston reports that the New York Times, NBC News and TIME have all filed motions to quash Scooter Libby’s subpoenas for “interview notes, drafts of articles and other records” that might show that Valerie Plame Wilson’s identity was commonly known among reporters. Bob Woodward of the Washington Post has already supplied his notes. According to Libby, the documents are crucial to his defense:

Mr. Libby told the grand jury that he believed her identity was known within the Washington press corps and that he needed to show her employment was being discussed in journalistic circles in June and July 2003 when he was meeting with reporters. Time’s brief said such an assertion did not allow Mr. Libby to conduct a wide-ranging search for potentially helpful evidence.

Tom Maguire has more details, and Clarice Feldman writes, “The significant thing to me is that the pleading tacitly admits that Time employees other than [Matt] Cooper have notes involving Wilson.”

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