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Newsweek Interviews Jamie Foxx

On his new talk-radio show. An excerpt:

What makes you such a big Obama supporter?

Oprah introduced me to him and I just loved how cool the brother is. We need a cool president. But I’m nervous. You never know how it may turn out. I will have a party if he wins, but a quiet party because we’ve got a lot of work to do once he gets in there.

He “just loved how cool the brother is”? Are we looking for a commander-in-chief or a commander-of-cool?

And then there’s this:

What did you think about the reaction to Colin Powell supporting Obama?

Please. If that had been someone like me I’d understand because I’m going to always say “I’m voting for the brother!” But Colin Powell? If he had wanted to be down with the brothers he never would’ve been a Republican.


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