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Newsweek’s Loveletter to Obama

Newsweek’s cover on The O Team is an unabashed mash note to Obama and his crew of advisers. It depicts The O Man as a cool and saintly figure.

One gooey excerpt:

“After the campaign plane landed at one brief stop in Charlotte, N.C., Obama asked how Alexrod was doing. ‘I’m really tired,’ Axelrod said. Obama put a hand on his shoulder and said,. ‘Why don’t you stay here and have a nap?’ Axelrod reluctantly agreed. … To those around, it spoke to the unconventional and close partnership between the candidate and his consigliere.”

This anecdote is absolutely meaningly unless having the skill-set of a nursery-school teacher makes you a perfect candidate for president. But my favorite sugarcoating in the piece is the description of how “sure and steady” political operative David Plouffe managed the successful campaign that got the “mercurial” Bob Torricelli elected in New Jersey. Mercurial? One can use a lot of adjectives to describe Torricelli, but “mercurial” is rarely one of them — unless you are trying to cast Obama and his team in the most flattering light possible.

Myrna BlythMyrna Blyth is senior vice president and editorial director of AARP Media. She is the former editor-in-chief and publishing director of Ladies’ Home Journal. She was the founding editor and ...


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