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NH Union-Leader Endorses McCain

Here.  An excerpt:

In this time of great uncertainty, America needs an experienced, decisive leader with clear vision and a steady hand to guide us through. That man is Sen. John McCain.

The troubles that will face the next President of the United States are numerous and perilous. They will test the character, the resolve and the mettle of the man we choose to deal with them. Of the two men who stand on the precipice of that great office, only John McCain has proved that he has what it takes to make the tough decisions in a time of crisis.


Barack Obama’s call for “change” has a certain appeal, to be sure. But this is no time to be rolling the dice on an untested leader whose rhetoric doesn’t match his record when it comes to delivering actual change. John McCain has a long history of standing up to Washington’s permanent political class, regardless of party, and pushing for institutional reforms to end business as usual. He is the right leader to restore trust in our government, confidence to our markets and prosperity to our country. On Nov. 4, do right by your country and vote for John McCain for President.

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